New production model for “Inline Plus”

Published on February 8, 2019

Inline Plus will now be producing “Specials” from time to time, instead of trying to do a new complete series.  The new production model will see Specials produced on a single Inline & Roller Skating topic per episode.

The decision to produce content this way has been made for a number of reasons.  The producer of the program is now based in Echuca, meaning that it is difficult to “string” multiple topics together during the limited time I have in Melbourne.  The producer is also planning trips to Sydney and Adelaide, where we intend to shoot some episodes while there.  But as these visits will be “spaced out”, we can’t run the episodes back to back.

Also, future topics will be by “invitation”.  We will work with those who are willing to work with us.  Sadly, a few skating related people have decided not to take part in future programs, and that is their choice.  Whether we produce one special program, or ten of them, it will still make a contribution.  And that is all we are trying to do in the end!

Having said this, we are still welcoming “Expressions Of Interest” for involvement in our future special episodes.  Please see our contact page for details on how to get in touch with us.

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