John Powell

Program Host


John Powell first started his TV career in Ballarat, Victoria only a couple of years ago, but first took up Inline Skating 15 years ago whilst playing Inline Street Hockey with some friends after work.

When John was approached to participate in the show he jumped at the chance as it was a way to raise the profile of all the fun and healthy lifestyle elements of inline/roller skating.

For John meeting all the fascinating people who skate and having them share their stories has been the best part of working on Inline Plus.

John’s YouTube

Jayson Sutcliffe

Artistic Skating Presenter / Producer

This Multi-talented Author / Filmmaker & Performer also happens to be a four time world artistic skate champion and coach of FUTURE World class Talent (pheew!)

Without a doubt, he is the best person in the world to present/produce an Artistic Segment for an Inline/Roller Skate TV Show -and in our fortunate case. Inline Plus!

Jayson’s Website

Sarah Strong-Law (Barrelhouse Bessy)

Roller Derby / Adelaide Presenter

The Austin Texas Girl who now calls Australia home was the Founder of the Adelaide Roller Derby League in 2007.

Her highly engaging, laid back personality has made her a complete natural for TV and Sarah (Barrelhouse Bessy) has been a huge hit with viewers of Inline Plus.

Adelaide Roller Derby Website

Production Crew

Michael Costello

Camera / Compile Editor

Michael Costello started Inline Plus producing the Pilot Episode, before handing the Producer role to John Powell for the series.

Michael’s role on the series was Compile Editing of John and Jayson’s edited stories, and adding the on screen graphics to them. He also dubbed all the copies for the various TV stations that showed the series and did the YouTube uploads.

Michael has been learning Recreational Skating since 2005
(and in a way, still is!)

Michael is a long-standing volunteer of Northern Access Television.

Michael’s YouTube