Michael Costello

Specials Producer / Camera / Presenter – “Inline Plus Revisited” & Series 2 & 3

Michael Costello started Inline Plus producing the Pilot Episode, before handing the Producer role to John Powell for the series.

Now back as Producer for the new “specials”, Michael is keen to bring you the new look shows focusing on a single topic per episode.

Michael has been learning Recreational Skating since 2005
(and in a way, still is!)

Michael is a long-standing volunteer of Northern Access Television.

Michael’s YouTube

 Darren McErlain


Darren McErlain is a voiceover artist based in Penrith, outer Sydney, NSW.  He first did voice work for Northern Access Television on our Stonnington Gift TV Specials, and has assisted us many times since.  He is the current host of “Drive” on NEWY FM 87.8 in Newcastle, NSW and on TuneIn.com from 3 to 6pm (AEST), presenting a mix of “the music you know and love” and local information.  Darren was also the “official” station voice for MELfeed.video, voicing the station IDs and promos, while it was in operation.

Darren McErlain Media


John Stewart

Camera / Production Assistant

John Stewart is the second cameraperson on Inline Plus.

He also does some work as a Production Assistant.

John is very supportive of Michael, and has been a long tern friend of his.