Inline & Roller Skating TV on Community Television – C31 Melbourne & 44 Adelaide in Australia.

7 Episode TV Series (2008)

Our 7 episode “magazine style” series was aired on Community TV in Australia & New Zealand in 2008 (or 2010 in the case of Perth viewers).


TV Specials (2019 / 2020)

Production of “Inline Plus” shows will be revived in 2019, but as “single topic” Specials, produced from time to time.  We are no longer proposing to produce a “magazine style series”.


Live Streams of Skating Events

We are looking at providing Live Streams of Skating Related events.  If you are interested in having your event covered, either Live or Recorded, please contact us.


Follow Us Online!

To be kept informed of what we are doing, and what will be airing, keep an eye on this website, and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. Shows will also be posted to YouTube for online viewing, so subscribe to us there to be alerted when a new video is posted!

“Inline Plus Revisited”

A special one hour program, featuring the best stories from the 2008 series.  Airing soon on Community TV, this time in Widescreen & Digital!

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