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___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Inline Plus TV…. Series 3 is now in production for online only…. Two episodes still to be edited…. expected soon!…. Please note:- We have now left Facebook and Instagram…. Please view our episodes on our YouTube channel….

Inline Plus has has two series- There was one seven episode series in 2008 and one four episode series in 2020.


UPDATE: Inline Plus has left Facebook & Instagram

Inline Plus has now left Facebook and Instagram. The YouTube channel will remain in place. Thanks to all who joined our pages. It is time for us to leave those sites.


UPDATE: “Inline Plus” series 3 will now NOT be broadcast.

Please enjoy our Series 3 episodes on this site, and our YouTube page.
NOTE:- Michael has since resigned from contributing to C31 Melbourne and 44 Adelaide as of 2023.



Hello All,

With a little regret, I wish to advise that “Inline Plus” series 3 will now be an “online only” series.

Faced with the need to re-edit up to three episodes due to commercial music and technical issues, I have decided not to re-edit the episodes, and leave them “as is” on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Please feel free to share the ones that interest you on your own pages.

I am sorry for the disappointment that this decision may cause those involved in the show, and our fans of the program. I am as disappointed as all of you are.

The upside to this is that future episodes can be made as opportunity arises, and they can be as long or short as they need to be.

So, please continue to follow us, as we edit the last remaining episodes for you!

Michael Costello, Series 2 and 3 Producer


Upcoming Series 3 Topics

Episodes will be posted here and on the above page “as they are finished”

Episodes subject to change with notice on this site…….

Apologies to Dragon City Roller Derby

Apologies to Dragon City Roller Derby – DCRD for overlooking their episode for so long. We intend to complete one in the near future, along with a “Farewell Inline Plus” episode to complete the project. Both will be “bumper” episodes, as we no longer have time limits and ad breaks to worry about! Expected completion time will be within the first few months of 2024.

(Blue links are to the YouTube page of the episode)

Episode 1 – “Inline Certification Program” for Inline Skating Instructors.
Episode 2 – “Albury Skate Centre” Albury, NSW
Episode 3 – “Twin City Skate” Wagga Wagga, NSW and Wodonga, VIC
Episode 4 – “Dragon City Roller Derby” Interviews & Nerdy Dragons Bout – Bendigo, Victoria
Episode 5 – Merged into Episode 4
Episode 6 – “Tribute to Sarah Strong-Law (Barrelhouse Bessy)”
Episode 7 – “Goodbye Inline Plus”.


We welcome your feedback…….

Inline Plus TV welcomes your feedback – please get in touch directly by email at michcos@optusnet.com.au . We welcome constructive criticism and feedback on how we can improve our TV show and online videos.


Curious as to our beginnings?…. See “About Us“!

Our story is a “long and complex” one, as are most Community TV related stories. Tales of “ups and downs” (literally!) If you want to see the story behind the shows, click through to About Us now. After two producers, 3 series and a “Special”, it is time for us to say a fond “Goodbye”!