It is with a lot of sadness and regret that I declare “the dream is over”. Inline
Plus is to be laid to rest for good now.

When I first came up with the concept of “Inline Plus”, I was in the throws of
learning to skate myself. And was in a bit of euphoria as a result (as I’m sure
all skaters go through). In the last couple of years, I tried a revival, but things
have changed in my life. I’m now too unfit to skate myself, and I am barely fit
enough to pursue video production.

For reasons I don’t understand fully, you all mostly want to keep your sport
“underground”. This makes it near impossible to pursue TV production for the
skating community.

You are all a very “weird” bunch of people. That is OK. But I’m sorry, I no
longer understand you, and the way you do things.

It is time to pursue other aspects of video production, and cover more
“mainstream” sports that don’t want to be “underground”

So it is time to “love you and leave you” all. Thanks for those who did show
interest and helped out in some way.

Community Television has been a part of just about all my Adult Life, and I will
keep sticking up for our “little” production group – Northern Access Television –
despite all the shit thrown our way.

I will miss you all in some ways, but it is time to move on.

Goodbye and Thanks.
Best Wishes to all.
Michael Costello
(Former) Producer, “Inline Plus”
Northern Access Television Assn Inc.