UPDATE: 10th September 2019

We regret to advise that production of “Inline Plus” has been halted, and no further shows will be produced.  We will also not be pursuing Live Streams of events.

The four shows shot in Adelaide will now not be airing at all.
Further information available here.

Well after nearly 24 years in Community TV, it is time for me to go. The bar has been set too high, and it is best for me to move on. As a volunteer who learned on the job with Northern Access Television, rather than go to a film school – I can no longer compete with the semi-pros. Coupled with my Aspergers, which takes away my people skills, what hope have I got? So it is goodbye from me – and best wishes to you all for the future. Thank you to the staff of C31 who tried their best to help me, but with the failure of my latest project – it is best to read the signs. Goodbye everyone!  –  Michael Costello.


7 Episode TV Series (2008)

Our 7 episode “magazine style” series was aired on Community TV in Australia & New Zealand in 2008 (or 2010 in the case of Perth viewers).

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“Inline Plus Revisited”

A special one hour program, featuring the best stories from the 2008 series.  Airing soon on Community TV, this time in Widescreen & Digital!

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