UPDATE: 26/10/2020.

The Adelaide episodes were shot in 2019, and aired over May & June 2020.

With regret, I advise that “Inline Plus” is over.  The delays caused by the travel restrictions and border closures, coupled with my new illness have made it very difficult to do any further programs.

Unfortunately, I am no longer on good terms with “Bayside Blades”.  As they seem to sponsor just about everything in skating in Melbourne, coupled with a desire to “stay away” from any of them, makes it very hard to do anything at all in that City.  The situation is all my fault.  This “feud” has resulted in so many problems.  I used to volunteer for Skate Victoria Speed Branch, but I was forced to resign over the situation above.  I miss working with the speed skaters heaps.

Anyway, the emotional toll of all this has made it impossible to continue.  I am sorry that I feel I can’t go ahead.  Skating groups of all kinds deserve to have their own show, but it has become obvious that I am not the right person to produce it.  If anyone wants to produce programs for the skating community, please feel free to contact C31 Melbourne and 44 Adelaide while they are still around.

As for me, it is unlikely I will produce anything for broadcast again.  So it is goodbye from me.  Best wishes to skating groups of all kinds, and thanks for “trying” to work with me.

It is time for me to fade off into the background of skating now.  I don’t know when I will start skating myself again, but hopefully it will be soon.


Michael Costello

Former Producer, “Inline Plus”.

Adelaide Series (2020)

Our 2020 Adelaide series will air from Late May on C31 Melbourne and 44 Adelaide.

44 Adelaide – Friday 6:30pm ACST (7:00pm AEST) until June 12th, 2020
C31 Melbourne – Monday 5:30pm AEST until June 15th, 2020


Episodes will be available above as they are released on YouTube


Sydney/Melbourne Series (2020)

Due to a lack of interest from the skating community,
and travel restrictions, the Sydney / Melbourne episodes have been cancelled.  No further episodes of the show will be produced.

7 Episode TV Series (2008)

Our 7 episode “magazine style” series was aired on Community TV in Australia & New Zealand in 2008 (or 2010 in the case of Perth viewers).

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“Inline Plus Revisited”

A special one hour program, featuring the best stories from the 2008 series.  Airing soon on Community TV, this time in Widescreen & Digital!

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