A sponsorship opportunity exists with our future
Inline Plus TV Specials and Live Streams.

Sponsorship Rates are available on application.

Funds from these sponsorships will be applied towards production costs, and, where relevant, program airtime fees.

What is available?

Program sponsorships are available on the two stations we broadcast on, C31 Melbourne & 44 Adelaide.

Choose one city, or multiple cities……

Sponsorships are sold on a “per city” basis.  You can choose to broadcast a sponsorship in just your own city, or on multiple stations.

Choose from the topics that suit you best……

Sponsorships will be sold individually for each “one off” special, allowing you to choose episode topics of interest to your business.  We do intend to provide sponsors with the opportunity to preview the relevent episodes before committing to their sponsorship.

Options to be made available are:-

– “Graphic” Opening and Closing Billboards
– 15 and 30 second “Sponsorship Announcements” (Full video sponsorship ads).

Do you already have a TV ad made?

Businesses with pre-existing TV ads can have them run during our program breaks as sponsorship announcements.  If you don’t have an ad made, we can assist you with the production of a TV spot for use as a sponsorship announcement (suitable for Community TV use only).

A rare opportunity…..

Inline Plus TV is currently the only program dedicated to this purpose on the stations we broadcast on.  For Roller Sports related businesses, such as shops and rinks, Inline Plus TV Sponsorship is your opportunity to promote your business during dedicated skating TV specials.  A rare opportunity that is not to be missed!

For further information, please contact us