Can I submit video footage and / or segments for the program?

Yes, you are welcome to submit footage to the program. However, certain requirements need to be met to submit footage.
 Footage should be supplied in a minimum of Widescreen Standard Definition. High Definition videos are preferred, as the master edit for the show is produced in HD, and the YouTube uploads are also in HD. All broadcasts are in Standard Definition.
 Any audio in any footage or segment for air should be clear and easily heard. We prefer audio for interview type segments, etc, to be recorded with external microphones where possible. Vision should be stable, and free of excessive shake. This does not “agree” with Digital TV broadcast systems!
 We prefer that segments do not include graphics, but a timecoded list of name/title graphics and where they are required is submitted instead.
However if you have pre-edited footage with pre-existing graphics, we will still consider it for inclusion in the program.
 You will need to sign a copyright clearance for the submitted footage, so please make sure you have any necessary permissions before submitting the footage.
 We prefer music that is used in submitted videos to be “royalty-free” , and if possible, please supply Track, CD and/or Artist information with your submission. Please let us know if commercial music is included in the submission, as it still may be possible to air the footage.
 Our preferred method of submission is via a USB stick. Please discuss with us your proposed video format before submission, as some video formats work better than others for broadcast usages. Please contact us for postage details for your submissions.

For further details, please download our Information Sheet.

PDF – Adobe Reader required